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canna any of various broad-leaved tropical plants with large colorful flowers.
cannabis the dried flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant, or the plant itself; marijuana; hashish.
canned sealed within a can or jar. [2 definitions]
cannel a variety of highly volatile, oily coal that burns readily and brightly; cannel coal.
cannel coal see "cannel."
cannelloni (usu. used with a sing. verb) large tubes of pasta which are usu. boiled, stuffed with meat or cheese, and baked in a sauce.
cannery a factory for canning food.
cannibal a person who eats human flesh. [3 definitions]
cannibalize to take apart (a vehicle or other machine) so as to use the parts in other vehicles or machines. [4 definitions]
cannikin a small can or cup.
canning the act, process, or business of preserving foods in cans or jars.
cannon a large mounted gun for firing heavy shells. [4 definitions]
cannonade an extended, massive firing of cannon. [2 definitions]
cannonball a round iron or steel projectile to be fired by a cannon. [4 definitions]
cannon bone a supporting bone between the knee or hock and the fetlock of a hoofed animal.
cannoneer a person who operates and fires guns; gunner; artilleryman.
cannon fodder soldiers that are considered expendable, replaceable material in war.
cannonry mounted guns such as cannons; artillery; cannons collectively. [2 definitions]
cannot a form of can not.
cannot but cannot do otherwise than; must.
cannot choose but can do nothing other than.