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capsule a gelatinous case for medicine, or such a case together with its contents, that dissolves when swallowed. [7 definitions]
capsulize to enclose in a capsule. [2 definitions]
Capt. abbreviation of "Captain."
captain a leader. [8 definitions]
caption a heading, title, or legend for printed matter such as a magazine article, newspaper photo, or graph. [4 definitions]
captionless combined form of caption.
captious inclined to petty criticism; faultfinding. [2 definitions]
captivate to charm or fascinate, as by beauty or wit; enthrall.
captivating causing one to be charmed or fascinated, as by beauty or intellectual appeal.
captive one who is confined or subjugated, such as a prisoner. [6 definitions]
captive breeding the act of maintaining populations of plants or animals in controlled environments, conservation facilities and wildlife reserves.
captivity the condition of being captive; bondage; imprisonment. [2 definitions]
captor one who takes or holds someone or something captive.
capture to seize by overpowering or plotting. [6 definitions]
capuchin a Central or South American monkey with a nearly bare face and a crown of hair that resembles a monk's hood. [3 definitions]
capybara a large tailless South American rodent that lives near water.
car an automobile. [3 definitions]
carabao the water buffalo.
carabineer variant of carbineer.
carabiner a D-shaped coupling link with a safety closure used for fastening ropes in mountaineering.
caracara any of several large, long-legged birds, related to hawks and found from the southern United States to South America, that feed on carrion or live prey.