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capture to seize by overpowering or plotting. [6 definitions]
capuchin a Central or South American monkey with a nearly bare face and a crown of hair that resembles a monk's hood. [3 definitions]
capybara a large tailless South American rodent that lives near water.
car an automobile. [3 definitions]
carabao the water buffalo.
carabineer variant of carbineer.
carabiner a D-shaped coupling link with a safety closure used for fastening ropes in mountaineering.
caracara any of several large, long-legged birds, related to hawks and found from the southern United States to South America, that feed on carrion or live prey.
Caracas the capital of Venezuela.
caracole a horse rider's maneuver of a half turn to either side.
caracul the fur made from a karakul lambskin; broadtail. [2 definitions]
carafe a bottle, often flared at the mouth, for serving water, wine, and the like.
caramel sugar that is heated until it liquefies and turns brown, used to color and flavor foods. [2 definitions]
caramelize to turn (sugar) into caramel by heating. [2 definitions]
caramelized (of a vegetable or other food containing natural sugar) cooked to the point wherein liquids and natural sugar are released and create a sweet and nutty-tasting brown syrup.
carapace a horny covering or shield on the back of certain animals such as turtles and crustaceans.
carat a unit of weight for gems, equal to two hundred milligrams. [2 definitions]
caravan a band of people traveling together for safety, esp. across a desert. [4 definitions]
caravansary an inn, esp. in the Middle East, with a large courtyard for the animals used as transportation in a caravan. [2 definitions]
caravel a small, light, fast sailing ship used by the Spanish and Portuguese in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with two or three masts and triangular sails.
caraway an herb bearing clusters of white flowers and aromatic, spicy seeds used as flavoring. [2 definitions]