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Carmelite a monk or friar of the religious order founded at Mt. Carmel in the twelfth century. [2 definitions]
carminative a substance that induces expulsion of gas from the stomach and intestines. [2 definitions]
carmine a reddish purple pigment made from cochineal. [2 definitions]
carnage the mass killing of people; slaughter.
carnal of or pertaining to the flesh or body, esp. sexual appetites and activities. [2 definitions]
carnation any of various flowers related to the pink, with fragrant, fringed flowers of various colors, esp. red, white, and pink.
carnauba see "wax palm." [2 definitions]
carnelian a hard red or reddish brown semiprecious gemstone.
carnitine a compound, particularly concentrated in muscle, required for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria.
carnival a traveling commercial amusement show, usu. offering rides, games of chance, and sideshows. [2 definitions]
carnivore a flesh-eating animal, esp. a meat-eating mammal. (Cf. herbivore.) [2 definitions]
carnivorous flesh-eating. (Cf. herbivorous.) [2 definitions]
carny (informal) an employee of a traveling carnival.
carob a tree of the eastern Mediterranean that bears long flat pods containing a sweet pulp and hard seeds. [2 definitions]
carol a song of joy, esp. a Christmas hymn. [4 definitions]
Carolina (pl.) the U.S. states of North and South Carolina (prec. by "the").
Carolus Linnaeus a Swedish botanist (b.1707--d.1778).
carom in pool or billiards, a shot in which the player's ball strikes two other balls in succession. [4 definitions]
carotene a reddish orange hydrocarbon pigment produced in orange, yellow, and dark green plant parts, and required in human nutrition as a source of vitamin A.
carotenoid any of several yellow to deep red pigments, like and including carotene, that is found in many vegetables and animal fats and is required in human nutrition. [3 definitions]
carotid either of the major arteries on each side of the neck, through which blood flows to the head; carotid artery. [2 definitions]