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carpal tunnel syndrome a pathological condition of pressure on the median nerve of the wrist and hand, usu. resulting in pain, numbness, and muscular weakening.
car park (chiefly British) a usu. paved area where motor vehicles can be parked; parking lot.
carpe diem (Latin) seize the day; the attitude or advice that one should enjoy today without thought for tomorrow.
carpel the female organ of a flower, consisting of a modified leaf that forms a single pistil or one member of a compound pistil, in which the seeds mature.
carpenter one who constructs or repairs wooden objects or structures. [3 definitions]
carpenter ant any of various types of large ant that nest in decaying trees and wood buildings and gnaw out tunnels in which to lay their eggs.
carpenter bee any of various types of bee that bore tunnels in wood and lay their eggs there.
carpentry the work or product of a carpenter.
carpet a heavy fabric covering for floors, often used to cover the floors of entire rooms. (Cf. rug.) [3 definitions]
carpetbag a traveling bag of heavy fabric, esp. carpet. [2 definitions]
carpetbagger one who moves to a place for the purpose of seeking political advantage. [2 definitions]
carpet beetle any of several small beetles whose larvae feed on and damage furs and woolens.
carpeting a fabric of which carpets are made. [2 definitions]
carpet sweeper a long-handled, hand-operated household implement containing a rotating brush that sweeps dirt, lint, and the like from rugs and carpets.
-carpic having (such) a number or type of fruit.
carping inclined to find fault or complain.
carpool an arrangement among a group of automobile drivers, such as employees at the same workplace, to take turns driving each other to and from a common destination. [3 definitions]
carport a roofed, wall-less shelter for an automobile, usu. attached to a house or other building.
-carpous having (such) a number or type of fruit.
carpus the wrist, or the wrist bones collectively.
carrack a large merchant ship used esp. in the Mediterranean in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries; galleon.