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carpool an arrangement among a group of automobile drivers, such as employees at the same workplace, to take turns driving each other to and from a common destination. [3 definitions]
carport a roofed, wall-less shelter for an automobile, usu. attached to a house or other building.
-carpous having (such) a number or type of fruit.
carpus the wrist, or the wrist bones collectively.
carrack a large merchant ship used esp. in the Mediterranean in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries; galleon.
carrageen a purplish-brown seaweed found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; Irish moss.
carrel a cubicle large enough for one reader, often in or near the stacks of a library.
carriage a wheeled passenger vehicle that is covered or enclosed, especially one that is drawn by a horse or horses or by a train engine, or one that is pushed along by a person. [5 definitions]
carrier one who carries or delivers. [6 definitions]
carrier pigeon a pigeon trained to return to its home base, esp. one used to carry messages from outposts; homing pigeon. [2 definitions]
carriole variant of cariole.
carrion dead and rotting flesh. [3 definitions]
carrion crow a common European crow.
carrom variant of carom.
carrot a plant cultivated for its edible orange root. [3 definitions]
carrousel variant of carousel.
carry to bear or support while moving; transport. [16 definitions]
carryall1 a covered one-horse carriage with seats for four persons. [2 definitions]
carryall2 a large bag or basket, carried by one person.
carry away to cause an extreme reaction; transport; enrapture.
carrying charge the interest and service charge on the unpaid balance in installment buying. [2 definitions]