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carry away to cause an extreme reaction; transport; enrapture.
carrying charge the interest and service charge on the unpaid balance in installment buying. [2 definitions]
carrying-on (informal; usu. pl.) silly, wild, or improper behavior.
carry off to do successfully. [2 definitions]
carry on to persist or persevere. [4 definitions]
carry-on of luggage, small enough to be stored in the passenger cabin of an airplane. [2 definitions]
carry one's weight to work and produce results as well as everyone else; contribute one's fair share to some effort.
carry out to go through the steps of (something) and bring to completion; do (a task, experiment, study, or the like). [3 definitions]
carry-out of food prepared in a commercial establishment, ready to eat but to be taken off the premises; take-out. [2 definitions]
carry-over that which is carried over or retained; residue; remainder. [2 definitions]
carry weight to have influence, importance, or authority.
carsick suffering from motion sickness during car travel.
Carson City the capital of Nevada.
cart a heavy, two-wheeled, open vehicle drawn by horse, mule, or oxen and used to transport goods. [6 definitions]
cartage the conveyance of goods by cart. [2 definitions]
carte blanche unrestricted authority, freedom, or discretion.
carte du jour (French) menu.
cartel an international group of independent businesses formed to control production and prices and to restrict competition in certain business enterprises. [2 definitions]
Cartesian of or pertaining to Descartes or his philosophy or mathematics. [2 definitions]
Cartesian coordinates a pair of coordinates for locating a point on a plane by its distances from two intersecting, usu. perpendicular lines. [2 definitions]
Carthage an ancient Phoenician city-state founded in the ninth century B.C. near the site of modern Tunis and destroyed in 146 B.C. by the Romans.