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Cartesian of or pertaining to Descartes or his philosophy or mathematics. [2 definitions]
Cartesian coordinates a pair of coordinates for locating a point on a plane by its distances from two intersecting, usu. perpendicular lines. [2 definitions]
Carthage an ancient Phoenician city-state founded in the ninth century B.C. near the site of modern Tunis and destroyed in 146 B.C. by the Romans.
Carthusian a member of a very strict, contemplative Roman Catholic monastic order founded in the eleventh century.
cartilage a tough, white, elastic connective tissue forming a major component of the skeletons of fetuses and young vertebrates, and turning largely to bone as the organism matures. [2 definitions]
cartilaginous of, pertaining to, or like cartilage. [2 definitions]
cartload the capacity or contents of a cart.
cartography the art or technique of producing maps.
carton a box made of thick paper, sometimes coated, or of plastic, made to hold one particular type of product. [2 definitions]
cartoon a drawing or series of drawings, usu. with written or spoken commentary or dialogue, and usu. humorous or satirical in nature; caricature; comic strip. [5 definitions]
cartoonist one who draws cartoons, esp. as one's job.
cartridge a tubular case for an explosive charge or bullet. [4 definitions]
cartridge clip a metal container or frame used to hold and load cartridges into an automatic rifle or pistol; clip.
cartwheel a sideways somersault with the arms and legs extended like wheel spokes. [2 definitions]
carve to form or inscribe by cutting. [5 definitions]
carvel variant of caravel.
carving the act or product of carving in wood, stone, or the like.
carving knife a long knife used to carve meat.
carwash a commercial establishment equipped to wash car exteriors and often to perform related services such as waxing and interior cleaning. [2 definitions]
caryatid a sculptured female figure, usu. in flowing Grecian robes, used as a supporting architectural column.
casaba a variety of winter muskmelon with a yellow rind and sweet, white flesh.