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caseharden to form a hard thin surface on (an alloy of iron) by bonding with carbon under heat. [2 definitions]
case history a record of pertinent facts and changes, usu. in a client or research subject undergoing medical, psychiatric, or similar treatment or study.
casein a protein derived from milk, used in making cheese and certain plastics. [2 definitions]
case knife a knife carried in a sheath or case. [2 definitions]
case law law based on precedents set in particular cases rather than on statute.
caseload the number of cases assigned, as to a social worker or parole officer, or handled, as by a court or welfare agency, at one time or during a specified period.
casemate an armored enclosure or compartment, as in a warship or fortress, with openings for guns or artillery.
casement a hinged window sash that opens like a door. [3 definitions]
caseous of or like cheese; cheesy.
casern a military barracks within a fortification.
casework social work with one individual or family, treated as a single case.
cash money in the form of bills or coins, or payment in such form. [3 definitions]
cashable combined form of cash.
cash-and-carry sold for cash only and without delivery or other services, as goods, or selling only in this way, as a store.
cashbook a record of cash payments and receipts.
cash crop a crop grown for sale to others rather than for personal use.
cash discount a discount on merchandise given in exchange for payment within a stipulated period, or the amount or percentage of the discount.
cashew a tropical American evergreen tree whose bark is used to produce a medicinal gum. [2 definitions]
cash flow the net cash proceeds of operating a business during a specified period of time.
cashier1 an employee who receives payment from customers or shoppers. [2 definitions]
cashier2 to dismiss from a position of trust or responsibility, esp. for serious breach of duty.