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catamount any of various wildcats, such as the mountain lion, cougar, or panther.
cataphoresis electrophoresis.
cataplasia degeneration of cells or tissue.
catapult an ancient military machine used to hurl missiles such as large stones, esp. at fortifications. [5 definitions]
cataract a large waterfall. [3 definitions]
catarrh inflammation of mucous membranes in the nose and throat, accompanied by secretions and discharge.
catastrophe a calamity with widespread effects; disaster. [3 definitions]
catastrophic causing destruction, devastation, or very great distress; ruinous; disastrous. [2 definitions]
catatonia a disorder, esp. of schizophrenia, characterized by rigidity of the muscles, mental stupor, and muteness; catalepsy.
catatonic suffering from catatonia. [2 definitions]
Catawba a member of a North American Indian tribe of South Carolina. [3 definitions]
Cat Ba Island the largest of the 366 islands in Halong Bay off the coast of northern Vietnam.
catbird a dark gray North American songbird having one call that sounds like the mewing of a cat.
catbird seat any situation or position that gives one control or the power to gain one's ends.
catboat a broad-beamed sailboat with a single large sail on a mast set well forward.
cat burglar a burglar who gains entry through upper windows, roof doors, and the like; second-story man.
catcall a human cry or whistle expressing contempt or disapproval; jeer. [2 definitions]
catch to capture or grab, usu. after pursuit. [18 definitions]
Catch-22 a situation in which one is trapped between two logically contradictory rules or regulations that make successful action impossible.
catchable combined form of catch.
catchall a receptacle for various items. [2 definitions]