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catchword a word or phrase repeated until it becomes a slogan.
catchy easily learned, noticed, or remembered. [2 definitions]
catechetical of, like, or consisting of teaching by means of questions and answers, as in a catechism.
catechism a summary of the principles of a religion, esp. Christianity, in the form of questions and answers. [2 definitions]
catechist one who teaches by means of a catechism, esp. one who instructs another in the principles of Christianity prior to confirmation or baptism.
catechize to teach (someone) by a question and answer method, esp. religious principles. [2 definitions]
catecholamine any of a group of amines, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, that may act as hormones or neurotransmitters.
catechu any of several water-soluble astringent substances obtained from various tropical plants of southeast Asia such as the acacia, used in medicine, tanning, and dyeing.
catechumen a person being taught the basic principles of Christianity, such as a convert prior to baptism. [2 definitions]
categorical with no exceptions or conditions; absolute. [2 definitions]
categorical imperative the claims of personal conscience in respect to a particular ethical choice.
categorize to put into groups that have common characteristics; arrange by categories; classify. [2 definitions]
category a specific class or group in a classification system.
catenate to link together in a chain or series; concatenate.
cater to supply food, service, or entertainment, esp. off the main business premises. [3 definitions]
cater-cornered diagonal. (See kitty-cornered.) [2 definitions]
caterer a person or business that provides professional food services, as for meetings, parties, and the like.
caterpillar a butterfly or moth larva, resembling a worm and often brightly colored. [2 definitions]
caterwaul to make the long, wailing or screeching sounds of a cat in heat. [3 definitions]
catfight a bitter quarrel or intense argument between people, esp women. [2 definitions]
catfish any of several chiefly freshwater fish with large heads, long feelers around the mouth resembling a cat's whiskers, and no scales.