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catnap a brief, light sleep; doze. [2 definitions]
catnip a downy, strongly scented plant of the mint family that is attractive to cats.
cat-o'-nine-tails a whip with nine knotted cords or lines attached to a handle, formerly used for flogging, esp. to discipline naval crewmen aboard ship.
cat rig one large sail on a mast set well forward in the bow, as of a catboat.
CAT scan a cross-sectional image formed by a computerized combination of x-rays taken along a selected axis of the body, used as a diagnostic tool in medical treatment; computerized axial tomography scan.
cat's cradle a children's game in which a looped string is passed back and forth from the fingers of one player to those of the other so as to form a series of intricate patterns.
cat's-eye any of various gemstones or pieces of glass that reflect light so as to suggest a cat's eye.
cat's-paw a person exploited by another as a tool or dupe, esp. to do something illegal or risky. [2 definitions]
catsup a variant of ketchup.
cattail any of several tall, reedlike marsh plants with tiny brown flowers growing in dense rows on a cylindrical spike.
cattalo see "beefalo."
cattish resembling a cat; feline. [2 definitions]
cattle large, four-legged, plant-eating animals, including cows, bulls, and other domestic bovines, kept for milk or meat.
cattleman a person, such as a rancher or farmer, who tends, feeds, or raises cattle, esp. for the market.
catty1 slyly malicious, esp. in one's remarks; spiteful.
catty2 a unit of weight used in Southeast Asia, equal to 680 grams, or about one and one half pounds, but in China equal to five hundred grams.
catty-cornered a variant of cater-cornered.
catwalk a narrow, raised walkway, as on a bridge or other high structure.
Caucasian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a light-skinned person of European origin. [7 definitions]
Caucasoid (outdated; no longer in scientific use) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of members of a human racial group originating in Europe, North Africa, western Asia, and India, generally characterized by fair to brown skin and straight to curly hair of any color. [2 definitions]
Caucasus the region between the Black and Caspian Seas (prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]