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cause of action in law, the facts cited in a complaint, on the basis of which a court case is filed.
causerie a brief conversation; chat. [2 definitions]
causeway a raised road or walkway across water or wetlands.
caustic capable of burning away, corroding, or destroying tissue by chemical action. [3 definitions]
caustic potash potassium hydroxide.
caustic soda sodium hydroxide.
cauterize to sear with heat or chemicals to stop bleeding or destroy infected tissue.
cautery something, such as a caustic agent or a very hot or very cold instrument, used to burn or sear and thus to destroy unwanted tissue. [2 definitions]
caution attentiveness and prudence; wariness. [5 definitions]
cautionary serving to warn or to caution; warning.
cautious displaying or inclined to show caution; wary; careful.
cavalcade a procession, esp. of horses bearing riders or drawing carriages. [2 definitions]
cavalier an armed horseman; knight. [4 definitions]
cavalry troops mounted on horseback or in armored carriers or helicopters, or the branch of military service composed of such troops.
cave a natural hollow or series of hollows in the earth, esp. one with an opening in a hillside or cliff. [4 definitions]
caveat a warning or caution, esp. with regard to the limits or stipulations of an agreement. [3 definitions]
caveat emptor the principle that one who buys something does so at his or her own risk.
cave dweller a human being who lives or lived in a cave.
cave in to collapse inward. [2 definitions]
cave-in a collapse inward, as of the walls of an underground mine.
cave man one who lives in a cave, esp. a prehistoric human being; cave dweller. [2 definitions]