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cavort to prance about; romp; caper.
cavy any of a number of tailless or short-tailed rodents originally of South America, including the guinea pig, capybara, and agouti.
caw the cry of the crow or raven, or any harsh sound resembling this cry. [2 definitions]
cay a small, low-lying island or reef; key.
cayenne any of various pepper plants bearing usu. red pods, some varieties of which are very hot and spicy. [3 definitions]
cayman variant of caiman.
Cayuga a member of a tribe of North American Indians that formerly lived near Cayuga and Seneca Lakes in upstate New York, and that belongs to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
Cayuse a member of a tribe of Indians that formerly lived in northeast Oregon. [3 definitions]
CB abbreviation of "citizens band," a series of short wave frequencies set aside by the federal government for private use.
CBC abbreviation of "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."
CBS abbreviation of "Columbia Broadcasting System."
cc2 abbreviation of "carbon copy," originally referring to a copy of a document, letter, or the like that is made by using carbon paper, now designating a copy or duplicate that is made through any means.
cc1 abbreviation of "cubic centimeter" or "cubic centimeters."
CCC abbreviation of "Civilian Conservation Corps," the New Deal program in the U.S. (1933-42) that provided conservation work for the unemployed during the Great Depression, through activities such as constructing and maintaining buildings and trails for state and national parks.
C clef a sign on a musical staff that shows the position of middle C.
CD2 abbreviation of "certificate of deposit," a document issued by a savings institution stating that the named person has a specified sum of money on deposit.
CD1 abbreviation of "compact disk," a palm-sized disk on which music, data, or the like has been digitally encoded, that is read by laser and transmitted to a playback device; optical disk.
Cd symbol of the chemical element cadmium.
CD-ROM an abbreviation for "compact disk, read only memory."
CDT abbreviation of "Central Daylight Time."
Ce symbol of the chemical element cerium.