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cellulose an inert carbohydrate that is the main element of plant tissue, used in manufacturing paper, cellophane, textiles, and the like.
cellulose acetate a resin produced from cellulose, used to make products such as lacquers, photographic film, artificial silks, cigarette filters, and explosives.
cell wall the rigid outermost layer of a plant cell, which is made of cellulose.
Celsius of, pertaining to, or designating a temperature scale on which zero degrees is the freezing point and one hundred degrees is the boiling point of water; centigrade. (abbr.: C)
Celt a member of any of the Indo-European peoples whose language is Celtic, such as the Irish, Scottish Highlanders, Welsh, or Bretons, or a descendant thereof.
Celtic a group of Indo-European languages that includes Irish and Scots Gaelic and Manx in one branch and the Brythonic languages in another. [2 definitions]
cembalo a harpsichord.
cement any of various powdered mixtures of clay and limestone that harden into a solid with the addition of water, used as a construction material. [6 definitions]
cementum a bonelike tissue covering the root of a tooth.
cemetery a burial ground, esp. one that is not connected to a church; graveyard.
-cene recent (used in words designating geological periods).
ceno- new.
cenobite a member of a religious order who lives in a convent, monastery, or other spiritual community.
cenotaph a monument in memory of a dead person who is buried at a different location.
Cenozoic of, relating to, or designating the most recent geological era that includes the present and began approximately 70 million years ago, when many mammals appeared, the modern continents took shape, and glacial ice formed. [2 definitions]
censer a small container, often swung from chains by a cleric in religious ceremonies, in which the fragrance of burning incense is dispersed.
censor an official who examines written works, films, plays, and the like in order to delete parts that are considered objectionable on political, moral, or other grounds. [6 definitions]
censorious highly critical or disapproving.
censorship the act or policy of censoring.
censure severe criticism or disapproval. [4 definitions]
census an official count and statistical survey of a population, usu. conducted at periodic intervals.