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Cetus an autumn constellation in the northern sky, located below Pisces and Aries and containing the variable star Mira.
cevitamic acid ascorbic acid.
Ceylon see "Sri Lanka."
Cf symbol of the chemical element californium.
cf. abbreviation of "confer" (Latin); compare, to note the likenesses and differences of (pronounced as individual letters or as word "compare").
cg abbreviation of "centigram," or "centigrams," a unit of weight equal to one hundredth of a gram or 0.154 grain.
ch. abbreviation of "chapter," one of the main sections of a book, usu. marked with a number or title.
Chablis a very dry white Burgundy table wine.
cha-cha a modern ballroom dance that originated in Latin America, characterized by its triple beat. [2 definitions]
chaconne a slow, formal dance of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries having its origins in Spain or Latin America, or the music composed for such a dance. [2 definitions]
Chad a central African country bordered by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, and Niger.
chador an outer garment worn by Muslim women, esp. in Iran, made of a long, dark-colored cloth that is wrapped loosely around the head and body and covers all or part of the face.
chafe to abrade, irritate, or wear away by rubbing. [6 definitions]
chaff the husks separated from grain by threshing. [2 definitions]
chaffer haggling or bargaining over an exchange. [4 definitions]
chaffinch a reddish brown European finch.
chafing dish a lidded dish or pot, supported on a metal frame with a candle or other heating device beneath it, and used to cook food at the table or keep it hot.
chagrin embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure. [2 definitions]
chain a series of connected links, usu. made of metal, used for attaching, pulling, binding, or ornamentation. [9 definitions]
chain gang a group of convicts chained together to prevent their escape from an outdoor work site.
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.