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chaconne a slow, formal dance of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries having its origins in Spain or Latin America, or the music composed for such a dance. [2 definitions]
Chad a central African country bordered by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, and Niger.
chador an outer garment worn by Muslim women, esp. in Iran, made of a long, dark-colored cloth that is wrapped loosely around the head and body and covers all or part of the face.
chafe to abrade, irritate, or wear away by rubbing. [6 definitions]
chaff the husks separated from grain by threshing. [2 definitions]
chaffer haggling or bargaining over an exchange. [4 definitions]
chaffinch a reddish brown European finch.
chafing dish a lidded dish or pot, supported on a metal frame with a candle or other heating device beneath it, and used to cook food at the table or keep it hot.
chagrin embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure. [2 definitions]
chain a series of connected links, usu. made of metal, used for attaching, pulling, binding, or ornamentation. [9 definitions]
chain gang a group of convicts chained together to prevent their escape from an outdoor work site.
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.
chain-link fence a fence made of interwoven links of galvanized steel.
chain mail flexible armor made of metal links or scalelike plates joined together.
chain of events a series of related events that occur in a sequence after some particular triggering event.
chain-react to be part of or involved in a chain reaction.
chain reaction any sequence of events in which the result of one event becomes the cause of the one that follows. [3 definitions]
chain saw a portable power saw that cuts by means of teeth set into a revolving chain.
chain-smoke to smoke (cigars or cigarettes) one after the other.
chain stitch a crocheting and embroidery stitch that resembles links in a chain.
chain store one of a group of retail stores that are under the same ownership or central management system and that follow a uniform marketing policy.