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chaparejos seatless leather trousers worn by cowboys over their regular pants, for extra protection; chaps.
chaparral a low, dense growth of shrubby oaks and brush, esp. in the American Southwest.
chapati in Indian cookery, a thin flat usu. whole-wheat bread baked on a griddle.
chapbook a small book or pamphlet containing a ballad, poem, popular tale, or religious tract.
chapeau a hat.
chapel a place of worship, usu. a small building or a room in a larger building, for a small number of worshipers or for private use. [3 definitions]
chaperone a person, usu. older, who accompanies unmarried young people on social occasions to assure that no improper, unlawful, or unsafe behavior occurs. [2 definitions]
chapfallen depressed or discouraged.
chaplain a member of the clergy attached to a school, military unit, hospital, or other institution.
chaplet a garland or wreath worn on the head. [2 definitions]
chaps full-length leather leggings worn esp. by cowboys to protect the legs while riding horseback.
chapter one of the main sections of a book, usu. marked with a number or title. [4 definitions]
chapter 11 a provision of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Act that allows a company to reorganize and remain in business, provided it pays its current debts by a date set by a court.
char1 to cook or burn so that the surface is blackened; scorch. [4 definitions]
char2 a type of trout.
character the distinguishing qualities and attributes of a person, place, or thing. [7 definitions]
character actor an actor who specializes in supporting roles, esp. in the portrayal of eccentric or distinctive characters.
character actress an actress who specializes in supporting roles, esp. in the portrayal of eccentric or distinctive characters.
characteristic indicating the typical or distinguishing attributes and qualities of a person, group, action, or thing. [3 definitions]
characterization a representation or portrayal of a person's unique qualities. [3 definitions]
characterize to describe (someone or something) in terms of what one considers to be the most distinguishing feature or features; ascribe certain characteristics to. [2 definitions]