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check up on to look at or seek information about (someone or something) in order to find out if they are all right or if they getting into any trouble.
cheddar (sometimes cap.) a smooth hard cheese that varies in taste from mild to very sharp.
cheek the side of the face between the jaw and the eye. [3 definitions]
cheekbone the bone just below the eye.
cheeky impertinent or insolent, sometimes in a teasing or humorous way; disrespectful; impudent.
cheep to chirp or make a peeping sound, as a small bird. [2 definitions]
cheer liveliness, happiness, or gaiety. [9 definitions]
cheerful full of cheer or good spirits; happy. [3 definitions]
cheerlead to encourage fans of a sports team to cheer during a sports event, usually by calling out special types of yells and chants that fans can join in with.
cheerleader a person who leads spectators in organized cheering for the players at sporting events.
cheerleading the activity of encouraging spectators to cheer for a sports team during a competitive event using special yells and chants in addition to performing strenuous athletic feats of tumbling and gymnastics to bolster spectators' enthusiasm.
cheerless without joy or cheer; gloomy, dreary, or dismal.
cheer up to stop being sad or unhappy; become cheerful or more cheerful. [2 definitions]
cheery in good spirits or promoting good spirits.
cheese a food made from milk curd that has been pressed into a mass and aged or seasoned in any of a wide variety of ways. [3 definitions]
cheeseburger a hamburger patty cooked with cheese on it.
cheesecake a rich cake containing sweetened cream cheese or cottage cheese, milk, eggs, and flavoring. [2 definitions]
cheesecloth a coarse, open-textured cloth of lightweight cotton, used for straining foods.
cheeseparing meanly or foolishly frugal; stingy. [3 definitions]
cheesesteak a type of sandwich with thinly sliced beef topped with cheese, broiled on a submarine roll.
cheesy resembling cheese. [2 definitions]