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chemical additive an artificial substance added in small amounts to another to improve, preserve, or otherwise alter it.
chemical engineering the professional, scientific, or industrial use of chemistry and chemical products; technology of chemistry.
chemical-free of or pertaining to a product that does not contain artificial chemicals or is produced without the use of artificial chemicals.
chemical warfare the use of chemicals such as poisonous gases, fire bombs, and irritants in warfare.
chemiluminescence the production of light in certain chemical reactions at low temperatures.
chemin de fer a variation of the card game baccarat.
chemise an unfitted women's undergarment; shift. [2 definitions]
chemist one who is active or expert in the field of chemistry. [3 definitions]
chemistry the science that studies the structures, functions, transformations, and interactions of basic elements, as, for example, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sodium, as well as complex substances that combine basic elements. [4 definitions]
chemistry lab in a school, a place where students studying chemistry can observe chemical reactions and carry out small experiments.
chemo- chemical.
chemoreception the response of a sense organ or nerve ending to a chemical stimulus.
chemoreceptor a nerve ending or sensory organ, as of taste or smell, that responds to chemical stimulation.
chemosurgery the selective removal or destruction of tissue by chemical rather than surgical means.
chemosynthesis the synthesis of organic substances by an organism using energy provided by a chemical reaction.
chemotherapeutic of, pertaining to, or used in chemotherapy.
chemotherapy the science or practice of destroying disease-causing microorganisms or malignant tissue by use of chemicals, esp. toxic ones.
chemurgy the industrial development of new chemical products from organic raw materials, usu. farm products.
Cheng Tang first leader of the Shang dynasty of China, ruling in approximately the seventeenth century B.C.E. (exact dates contested).
chenille a tufted or velvetlike cord, used in embroidery and for fringes, or woven into a fabric. [2 definitions]
chenin blanc a dry to slightly sweet white wine. [2 definitions]