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chicken pox a contagious viral disease, usu. of children, that produces fever and skin eruptions.
chickenshit (vulgar slang) petty or meaningless matters. [3 definitions]
chicken wire a flexible wire netting, usu. of hexagonal mesh, esp. for chicken coop enclosures and other light barriers.
chickpea a leguminous, bushy plant of central Asia and the Mediterranean region. [2 definitions]
chickweed a small, scrubby weed of the pink family with small leaves and white flowers.
chicle a gummy substance derived from a tropical American tree and used to make chewing gum.
chicory a blue-flowered perennial plant whose leaves are used in salads and whose large root is often roasted and ground and added to coffee. [2 definitions]
chide to nag or goad by criticizing. [3 definitions]
chief the foremost or most important person in a group; leader. [3 definitions]
Chief Executive the President of the United States. [2 definitions]
chief justice the judge presiding over a high court that has other judges. [2 definitions]
chiefly principally. [2 definitions]
chief of staff (usu. cap.) the head staff officer in the U.S. Department of the Army or Air Force, or the head staff officer of any of various major units in the U.S. or other military forces. [2 definitions]
chieftain a leader of a band of people, esp. of a clan or tribe.
chiffon a transparent fabric of fine weave, used in women's dresses and finery. [3 definitions]
chiffonier a tall, narrow chest of drawers, often with a mirror attached at the top.
chigger a tiny parasitic mite larva that lives in the skin of vertebrates, causing severe itching and possible spreading of infectious disease. [2 definitions]
chignon a hairstyle in which a woman's long hair is coiled, rolled, or twisted and secured at the nape of the neck or back of the head.
chigoe a kind of tropical flea, the fertile female of which lives parasitically in the skin of humans and other animals, where she swells with eggs and causes severe irritation and often infection.
Chihuahua a Mexican state on the northern border, or its capital. [2 definitions]
chilblain (usu. pl.) an irritation or inflammation of the skin, usu. of the hands, feet, or face, caused by exposure to dampness and cold.