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child care the practice, service, or business of caring for other people's children, esp. young children whose parents work outside the home.
childhood the period or state of being a child.
childish typical of or appropriate for a child. [2 definitions]
child labor the full-time employment of children under a minimum age specified by law.
childless not having a son or daughter..
childlike like or appropriate to a child, esp. in simplicity, openness, or innocence.
childproof made or arranged so as to be free from potential damage by children or from hazardous misuse by them. [2 definitions]
child-rearing the process of raising children, including taking care of their daily needs as well as actively or indirectly instilling values in them.
children pl. of child.
child's play something that is very easily done; cinch.
Chile a South American country on the Pacific coast south of Peru.
chile variant of chili.
chile con carne variant of chili con carne.
Chile saltpeter naturally occurring sodium nitrate, esp. as found in Chile and Peru.
chili the strong, sharp-tasting pod of any of several varieties of a tropical pepper plant. [3 definitions]
chiliburger a hamburger topped with chili.
chili con carne a spicy Mexican dish of beef and chilies or chili powder, often with beans and onions.
chilidog a hot dog topped with chili.
chili pepper the strong, sharp-tasting pod of any of several varieties of a tropical pepper plant; chili.
chili powder a powdered seasoning of dried chilies, garlic, cumin, and the like.
chili sauce a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, and spices.