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chilly producing an uncomfortably cool sensation. [4 definitions]
chimaera variant of chimera.
chime a ringing device, as in a doorbell. [8 definitions]
chime in to interrupt suddenly to add one's opinion. [2 definitions]
chimera a mythical fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a snake's tail. [3 definitions]
chimerical existing only in the mind; fanciful.
chimney a hollow, vertical structure of masonry, which allows smoke and gases to escape from a furnace, fireplace, or stove; flue. [2 definitions]
chimney pot a pipe, usu. of clay, fitted to the top of a chimney to improve the draft.
chimney swallow see "chimney swift."
chimney sweep one whose work is to clean out chimneys.
chimney swift a darkish brown American swift that often nests in chimneys.
chimp (informal) a chimpanzee.
chimpanzee a highly intelligent African species of ape, closely related to humans and smaller than the gorilla.
chin the central, protruding part of the jaw below the mouth. [3 definitions]
China a large, populous East Asian country on the Pacific coast; People's Republic of China. [2 definitions]
china delicate, high-quality ceramic material or ware; porcelain. [2 definitions]
chinaberry a spreading tree native to Asia that bears white or purple blossoms and yellow fruit. [2 definitions]
China Sea see "East China Sea," "South China Sea."
Chinatown any neighborhood or region inhabited by Chinese in a foreign city.
chinaware tableware, ornaments, or the like made of china.
chincapin variant of chinquapin.