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chin the central, protruding part of the jaw below the mouth. [3 definitions]
China a large, populous East Asian country on the Pacific coast; People's Republic of China. [2 definitions]
china delicate, high-quality ceramic material or ware; porcelain. [2 definitions]
chinaberry a spreading tree native to Asia that bears white or purple blossoms and yellow fruit. [2 definitions]
China Sea see East China Sea, South China Sea.
Chinatown any neighborhood or region inhabited by Chinese in a foreign city.
chinaware tableware, ornaments, or the like made of china.
chincapin variant of chinquapin.
chinch see chinch bug. [2 definitions]
chinch bug a small black and white insect that is destructive to grains and grasses.
chinchilla a small South American rodent that resembles a squirrel. [4 definitions]
chine a backbone, esp. of an animal; spine. [4 definitions]
Chinese a native or citizen of China, or a descendant thereof. [4 definitions]
Chinese boxes a set of boxes of graded sizes, the smaller nested inside the larger.
Chinese cabbage an edible lettucelike plant with a long cylindrical head of light-colored crisp leaves.
Chinese checkers a board game for two to six players in which marbles are moved across a pattern of holes that resembles a six-pointed star.
Chinese lantern a collapsible lantern made of thin, often brightly decorated paper; Japanese lantern.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
Chinese puzzle an intricate, difficult puzzle or problem.
Chinese red a bright orange-red color.
Chink (offensive slang) a Chinese person.