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Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 an act signed into law in 1882 that barred Chinese laborers from immigrating to the U.S. for a period of ten years and, in addition, prohibited all Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens. Immigrants from China were not permitted naturalized citizenship until 1943.
Chinese lantern a collapsible lantern made of thin, often brightly decorated paper; Japanese lantern.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
Chinese puzzle an intricate, difficult puzzle or problem.
Chinese red a bright orange-red color.
Chink (offensive slang) a Chinese person.
chink1 a narrow crack; crevice; fissure. [3 definitions]
chink2 to make or cause to make a sharp, chimelike sound, as of two pieces of metal or glass striking together. [2 definitions]
chinkapin variant of chinquapin.
chinless combined form of chin.
chino a rough, cotton fabric with a twill weave. [2 definitions]
chinoiserie (sometimes cap.) an intricate, elaborate style of decoration using Chinese motifs, esp. in eighteenth-century Europe. [2 definitions]
Chinook a member of a North American Indian tribe of the Columbia River region. [3 definitions]
Chinook Jargon a pidgin language incorporating words from English, French, Chinook, and other Indian languages, formerly used by traders in the American Northwest.
chinook salmon a large salmon of the northern Pacific that has usu. reddish flesh; king salmon.
chinquapin a small tree of the eastern United States, related to the chestnut. [3 definitions]
chintz a printed cotton material, usu. shiny and brightly colored and used for curtains.
chintzy of, pertaining to, or decorated with chintz. [2 definitions]
chip1 a small piece broken, cut, or chopped off of a hard material. [10 definitions]
chip2 to make a short, high-pitched sound like that of a bird; chirp; cheep. [2 definitions]
chip in to contribute money or effort. [2 definitions]