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chinquapin a small tree of the eastern United States, related to the chestnut. [3 definitions]
chintz a printed cotton material, usu. shiny and brightly colored and used for curtains.
chintzy of, pertaining to, or decorated with chintz. [2 definitions]
chip1 a small piece broken, cut, or chopped off of a hard material. [10 definitions]
chip2 to make a short, high-pitched sound like that of a bird; chirp; cheep. [2 definitions]
chip in to contribute money or effort. [2 definitions]
chipmunk a small, squirrel-like rodent with a striped back and bushy tail, found in North America and Asia.
chip off the old block one who is very similar to one of his or her parents.
chip on one's shoulder a persistent feeling of resentment or unhappiness; grudge.
chipped beef dried beef, sometimes smoked, that is very thinly sliced.
Chippendale of, pertaining to, or denoting an eighteenth-century English style of furniture marked by graceful lines and, often, rococo decoration.
chipper1 (informal) in good health or spirits; cheerful.
chipper2 to utter a chirp or succession of chirps. [2 definitions]
chipper3 one that cuts or chips.
Chippewa Ojibwa.
chip shot a short golf shot, used in approaching the green, in which the ball is lofted and rolls some distance after landing.
chiro- hand.
chirography penmanship; handwriting.
chiromancy the practice of divining a person's character or future from the characteristics of his or her hand; palmistry.
chiropodist one who practices chiropody; podiatrist.
chiropody the professional treatment of minor ailments of the human foot; podiatry.