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chiropody the professional treatment of minor ailments of the human foot; podiatry.
chiropractic a system of healing in which manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures is used to restore normal nerve function and thus good health.
chiropractor one who practices chiropractic.
chirp to utter a short, high-pitched sound, as of a grasshopper or small bird. [3 definitions]
chirr to make a shrill buzzing or trilling sound, as certain insects. [2 definitions]
chirrup to make a short shrill sound, often repeatedly; chirp. [2 definitions]
chisel a metal, wedge-shaped tool with a sharp edge, used for cutting stone, wood, or metal. [4 definitions]
chiseler a person who cheats or swindles. [2 definitions]
chi-square a statistical method that determines to what degree the differences between expected data and data actually derived can be ascribed to chance, rather than to some general cause or principle.
chit1 a written statement of money owed, esp. for food or drink.
chit2 a child, esp. a lively young girl.
chitchat casual or insignificant conversation. [3 definitions]
chitin a substance that is the principle component of the shells of crustaceans and the exoskeletons of arthropods.
chitlins variants of chitterlings.
chiton any of a class of mollusks that live on rocks and have hard shells composed of eight overlapping plates. [2 definitions]
chitterlings the small intestines of a pig, cooked and eaten with a sauce.
chivalric relating to chivalry.
chivalrous having the honorable qualities of courage and loyalty. [3 definitions]
chivalry the practices, principles, and spirit of medieval knighthood. [3 definitions]
chive a small plant whose long, grasslike, onion-flavored leaves are often used as a seasoning.
chlamydia a widespread venereal disease resembling gonorrhea. [2 definitions]