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chivalric relating to chivalry.
chivalrous having the honorable qualities of courage and loyalty. [3 definitions]
chivalry the practices, principles, and spirit of medieval knighthood. [3 definitions]
chive a small plant whose long, grasslike, onion-flavored leaves are often used as a seasoning.
chlamydia a widespread venereal disease resembling gonorrhea. [2 definitions]
chlor- green. [2 definitions]
chloracne a severe skin disorder resembling acne, resulting from exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as dioxin.
chloral an oily, colorless liquid, used in making chloral hydrate and DDT. [2 definitions]
chloral hydrate a colorless crystalline compound used mainly as a hypnotic or sedative agent.
chloramine any of a group of chlorine compounds derived from ammonia.
chloramphenicol an antibiotic drug that is synthesized or derived from a soil bacterium and used in treating various bacterial and some viral afflictions.
chlorate in chemistry, a salt of chloric acid.
chlordane a colorless, toxic liquid hydrocarbon used as an insecticide.
chlorella any of various fresh-water, single-celled green algae.
chloric containing chlorine in the pentavalent state.
chloride in chemistry, a salt of hydrochloric acid consisting of chlorine and one other element.
chloride of lime a white powder made from chlorine and slaked lime and used as a bleaching or disinfecting agent; chlorinated lime.
chlorinate to combine or treat with chlorine. [2 definitions]
chlorine a chemical element of the halogen group that has seventeen protons in each nucleus, occurs naturally only in compounds such as sodium chloride and chloroform, and can be isolated in pure form as a toxic yellow-green gas. (symbol: Cl) [2 definitions]
chlorite1 a green silicate mineral that occurs in platelike crystals.
chlorite2 any of various salts of chlorous acid.