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chocolate milk cow's milk with sweet, chocolate-flavored syrup or chocolate powder added.
Chocolate Tang any member of a species of fishes found in the tropical waters of Southeast Asia which are yellow as a juvenile and become primarily gray and brown with multi-colored accents as an adult, also called Lemon Peel Mimic.
chocolatier someone who makes fine chocolate candy, or a store that specializes in the sale of it.
Choctaw a member of a North American Indian people located formerly in the southern United States and now mainly in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
choice an act of choosing or selecting; selection. [7 definitions]
choir a group of people who sing together, esp. one that sings religious music. [3 definitions]
choirboy a boy who sings in a choir, esp. a church choir.
choke to stop or obstruct the breathing of, esp. by squeezing, blocking, or irritating the windpipe. [9 definitions]
chokebore in a shotgun barrel, a bored inner surface that narrows toward the muzzle to concentrate the pattern of shot. [2 definitions]
chokecherry any of several American wild cherries that bear long clusters of white flowers and small dark bitter fruit.
chokedamp an atmosphere very low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide that sometimes occurs in deep mines and causes miners to choke; blackdamp.
choker one that chokes. [2 definitions]
choke up to lose the ability to speak because of intense emotion or stress. [2 definitions]
choky tending to cause choking, as an atmosphere. [2 definitions]
cholangitis inflammation of one or more bile ducts.
chole- bile or gall.
cholecalciferol vitamin D.
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gall bladder.
choler anger; irritability.
cholera an acute, often fatal, infectious disease that is marked by vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea.
choleric having a quick temper; easily angered.