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chopfallen variant of chapfallen.
chophouse a restaurant that mainly serves chops and steaks.
choplogic specious or hairsplitting reasoning; sophistry.
chop off to cut something with one strong, quick motion so that one part separates from the main part.
chopper a person or thing that chops. [3 definitions]
chopping block a wooden block, section of log, or the like on which firewood is set to be split, or on which the heads and feet of fowls are chopped off. [2 definitions]
choppy of a body of water, full of short, rough waves. [3 definitions]
chops (slang) in jazz or rock music, technical skill.
chop shop (informal) a garage or similar place in which stolen automobiles are dismantled and the parts sold or used as spare parts.
chopstick one of a pair of thin wooden, ivory, or plastic sticks used as eating utensils, esp. in East Asian countries.
chop suey a Chinese-American dish of bean sprouts, other vegetables, and small bits of meat, chicken, or fish cooked and poured over rice.
choral having to do with a chorus or choir. [3 definitions]
chorale a hymn, esp. one arranged to be sung or played in parts. [2 definitions]
chord1 a line segment connecting two points on a curve. [3 definitions]
chord2 three or more musical tones played at the same time. [2 definitions]
chordate of or denoting an animal, such as a tunicate, lancelet, or vertebrate, that at some stage of development has gill slits, a dorsal nerve cord, and a notochord.
chore a routine task, esp. around the house or yard. [2 definitions]
chorea a disease of the nervous system in humans and dogs whose symptoms include uncontrollable jerking movements of the face, arms, and legs.
choreograph to plan the dance movements of (a single dance, a show, or the like, as in ballet or modern dance). [2 definitions]
choreographer a person who creates the dance movements for a single dance or for a show, such as a ballet, modern dance performance, or musical. [2 definitions]
choreography the art of performing or composing and arranging dances. [2 definitions]