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Christmas Eve the evening or day before Christmas.
Christmastide the portion of the year associated with Christmas, often December 24 to January 6.
Christmas tree a real or imitation evergreen tree, usu. mounted indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
Christopher Columbus an Italian navigator and explorer, and leader of the Spanish expedition that landed in America in 1492 (b.1451?--d.1506).
chroma the purity or degree of saturation of a color; relative absence of white or gray in a color.
chromate a salt or uncharged ester of chromic acid.
chromatic having to do with color or colors. [2 definitions]
chromatics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of color characteristics and variations.
chromatic scale a musical scale consisting of all half steps.
chromatin a protoplasmic substance in cell nuclei that contains the genes and forms the chromosomes.
chromato- color.
chromatography a method of separating a mixture by passing it through a medium in which the component parts move at different rates.
-chrome colored (as specified). [3 definitions]
Chrome a web browser developed by Google.
chrome chromium or an alloy of chromium. [5 definitions]
chromemoly shortened form of "chromium molybdenum steel," a steel alloy used for making such things as bicycle frames.
chromic of or containing trivalent chromium.
chromic acid an acid containing chromium that exists only in solution or in the form of its salts.
chromium a chemical element that has twenty-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a silver-gray, lustrous, corrosion-resistant solid metal, chiefly used in electroplating, alloys such as stainless steel, or compounds with other elements. (symbol: Cr)
chromium steel a very strong steel that contains chromium.
chromo a chromolithograph.