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Church Fathers the ecclesiastical authorities of the early Christian church, whose writings had an authoritative influence on the formation of Christian doctrine.
churchgoer one who attends church, esp. on a regular basis.
churchless combined form of church.
churchly of, concerning, or suited to a church.
churchman a male member of the clergy; priest. [2 definitions]
Church of Christ, Scientist the official name of the church of Christian Science.
Church of England the national church of England, which is Catholic in form but incorporates some Protestant beliefs and is independent of the papacy.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the official name of the Mormon Church.
churchwarden in the Anglican Church, a lay officer who manages the secular or legal affairs of the church. [3 definitions]
churchwoman a female member of the clergy. [2 definitions]
churchyard the grounds surrounding a church, often used as a cemetery.
churl a rude or vulgar person. [3 definitions]
churlish rude or vulgar in behavior or manner. [3 definitions]
churn an apparatus in which cream or milk is beaten or agitated to form butter. [6 definitions]
churn out to produce or manufacture rapidly or in large quantity.
churr to make a trilling or whirring sound. [2 definitions]
chute1 a sloped trough or channel down which things may slide in order to transport them. [4 definitions]
chute2 a steep or narrow slope, as for skiing or tobogganing.
chute3 (informal) a parachute. [3 definitions]
chutney a spicy sauce or relish of East Indian origin made with fruits and herbs.
chutzpah sheer audacity or gutsiness; utter nerve.