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cilium one of the microscopic hairlike structures on the surface of many cells, providing locomotion in single-celled animals and movement of fluid across the cells that line certain organs, such as the lungs or stomach, in complex animals. [3 definitions]
cimbalom a large dulcimer, usu. mounted on legs, that is played esp. by Hungarian folk musicians.
cinch a strong strap for securing a pack or saddle on an animal; girth. [6 definitions]
cinchona any of various trees and shrubs native to South America and grown also in Asia, whose bark contains medicinal substances such as quinine. [2 definitions]
cinchonize to administer (cinchona, quinine, or the like) to.
Cinco de Mayo the fifth of May, a Mexican holiday commemorating the Mexican army's 1862 victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla and celebrating Mexican unity and independence.
cincture a belt, band, or girdle. [3 definitions]
cinder a small piece of partially burned wood, coal, or the like that can burn further but without a flame. [4 definitions]
cinder block a partly hollow building block made of concrete and cinders.
Cinderella the title character of a common European fairy tale, who, with the help of a fairy godmother, escapes a life of misery and marries a prince. [2 definitions]
Cinderella story an account of a person, athletic team, or the like that achieves sudden, inexplicable success.
cinema motion pictures generally. [3 definitions]
cinematographer in a film crew, the main camera operator, who is responsible for lighting, camera angles, and the like.
cinematography the art or technique of photographing motion pictures.
cinéma vérité (French) a style of filmmaking in which realism is the objective, accomplished through filming unscripted everyday situations with hand-held cameras.
cineraria a cultivated plant having heart-shaped leaves and clusters of bright daisylike flowers. [2 definitions]
cinerarium a place in which the ashes of cremated bodies are deposited.
cinnabar a reddish mineral that is the main ore of mercury and is sometimes used as a pigment; mercuric sulfide. [2 definitions]
cinnamon a spice made from the inner bark of any of several tropical Asian trees. [2 definitions]
cinquefoil any of several plants of the rose family that have compound, often five-lobed, leaves. [2 definitions]
cion variant of scion.