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circumvallate encircled by or as by a wall, rampart, or trench. [2 definitions]
circumvent to manage to avoid or evade, esp. by clever maneuvering. [2 definitions]
circus a traveling show that usually includes performances by acrobats and clowns, and sometimes trained animals. [3 definitions]
ciré a smooth shiny finish, as on a fabric, produced by treatment with wax and heat. [2 definitions]
cirque a circular basin or hollow in an upper end of a mountain valley sometimes containing a pond.
cirrhosis a chronic, often fatal, disease of the liver in which excessive tissue is formed resulting in blockage of circulation.
cirro- cirrus.
cirrocumulus a high-altitude cloud formed of many small, thin, rounded cloudlets, often arranged in rows or regular series.
cirrostratus a thin, hazy, high-altitude cloud, which usu. covers the entire sky.
cirrus a high-altitude cloud usu. appearing in the form of filaments or threads. [3 definitions]
cis- on this side of.
cisalpine on this, the southern, or the Roman side of the Alps.
cisco any of various whitefish or the like that are native to the Great Lakes and other cold lakes in North America.
cisgender of, pertaining to, or being a person whose personal gender identity corresponds with the sex that this person was born with or was assigned at the time of birth.
cislunar lying between the earth and the moon's orbit; on this side of the moon.
cisplatin a platinum-containing chemotherapy drug used esp. in the treatment of ovarian, testicular, and bladder cancer.
Cistercian a member of an order of monks and nuns who follow the Benedictine rule.
cistern a tank or other receptacle for catching and storing water, esp. rainwater.
cistron in biology, the smallest strand of DNA needed for the synthesis of one polypeptide; gene.
citadel a fortress built on a high place in or near a city. [2 definitions]
citation the act of citing or quoting, or the passage or source so cited. [3 definitions]