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claimant one who makes a claim.
clairaudience the alleged ability to perceive sounds not within hearing distance or not in the physical realm.
clairvoyance the supposed supernatural ability to perceive events that have not yet occurred or things not directly available to the five senses. [2 definitions]
clairvoyant possessing the ability to see or know things that are beyond the five senses. [2 definitions]
clam any of various saltwater and freshwater mollusks, esp. those species that are edible. [4 definitions]
clambake a seaside picnic or party at which clams and various other foods are cooked, usu. by placing on heated rocks covered with a layer of seaweed. [2 definitions]
clamber to climb awkwardly or with difficulty, using both hands and feet. [2 definitions]
clammy unpleasantly moist, cool, and sticky. [2 definitions]
clamor a loud or sustained uproar or din, esp. of voices. [6 definitions]
clamorous loud or noisy. [2 definitions]
clamour (chiefly British) variant of clamor.
clamp a device used to fasten, support, or compress two or more objects or pieces. [4 definitions]
clamp down (informal) to establish or increase controls or penalties with respect to criminal or disapproved of behaviors. [2 definitions]
clampdown a strict imposition of authority, rules, limitations, or the like; prohibition or suppression.
clams casino a dish in which clams, combined with a dressing flavored with garlic and bacon, are broiled on the half shell.
clamshell the shell of a clam. [2 definitions]
clam up (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak.
clan among the Scottish Highlanders, a traditional basis of social organization, composed of a group of families claiming a common hereditary ancestor. [3 definitions]
clandestine planned or occurring in a secret or surreptitious manner, esp. for subversive or illicit purposes.
clang to emit a clear, resonant sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [3 definitions]
clangor a clear, resonant sound or ring; clang. [3 definitions]