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clank a short, metallic sound that does not resonate. [4 definitions]
clannish tending to associate closely with persons similar to oneself, to the exclusion of others. [2 definitions]
clansman a male member of a clan.
clanswoman a female member of a clan.
clap to strike (one's open hands) together to make a sharp sound, esp. repeatedly, as an expression of approval or agreement. [11 definitions]
clapboard a long, narrow board, thicker along one horizontal edge than the other and used as an overlapped covering or siding for houses or buildings. [3 definitions]
clapper a person or object that claps or produces a clapping sound. [2 definitions]
claptrap insincere or pretentious talk or language.
claque a group of people hired to applaud at a performance. [2 definitions]
claret any of various dry red table wines. [2 definitions]
clarification the act or process of clarifying.
clarify to make more understandable; make clear. [3 definitions]
clarinet a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece attached to a long, usu. wooden tube with finger holes and keys along its length.
clarion clear and sharp or shrill, as a call. [3 definitions]
clarity the state or quality of being clearly understandable or precise. [2 definitions]
clash to strike together noisily and harshly. [6 definitions]
clasp a usu. metal device with two interlocking parts, used to fasten something. [4 definitions]
class a group of animals or things in which all members share certain characteristics; kind. [8 definitions]
class action a lawsuit brought on behalf of all persons sharing grounds for legal action, such as all consumers allegedly harmed by a particular product.
class consciousness awareness of one's social or economic status and the class to which one belongs.
classic representative or typical of a class or category; serving as a standard. [10 definitions]