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clasp a usu. metal device with two interlocking parts, used to fasten something. [4 definitions]
class a group of animals or things in which all members share certain characteristics; kind. [8 definitions]
class action a lawsuit brought on behalf of all persons sharing grounds for legal action, such as all consumers allegedly harmed by a particular product.
class consciousness awareness of one's social or economic status and the class to which one belongs.
classic representative or typical of a class or category; serving as a standard. [10 definitions]
classical of or pertaining to ancient Greek and Roman culture. [4 definitions]
classicism principles of art and literature based on those of ancient Greek and Roman culture. (Cf. romanticism.)
classicist one who studies or is expert in the classics. [2 definitions]
classicize to make, adapt, or alter (something) in imitation of a classical style.
classification the act or result of classifying. [4 definitions]
classified arranged or ordered in classes. [3 definitions]
classified advertising advertising, usu. brief, that is arranged in columns according to subject in a newspaper or magazine.
classify to arrange or divide into groups with respect to type or class. [3 definitions]
classless of society, without economic or social distinctions.
classmate a person in the same class at a college or school.
class rank a student's position on a list ordered by grade point average of all students in the same grade or year at a school.
classroom a room where classes are held in a college, school, or training facility.
class struggle in Marxist theory, the constant contention for economic and political power that goes on between the owners of the means of production, or capitalists, and the workers.
classy (informal) of high quality; stylish.
clatter to make a loud rattling noise, as by striking objects together or by moving. [3 definitions]
Claude Debussy a French composer (b.1862--d.1918).