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clean up to wash or clean (something). [4 definitions]
clean up one's act (informal) to improve one's performance or behavior.
clear free of clouds or haze. [22 definitions]
clearable combined form of clear.
clearance the space between things that prevents a collision. [4 definitions]
clearance sale a sale of retail merchandise designed to dispose of inventory, as of seasonal stock, usu. at reduced prices.
clear away to get away; escape.
clear-cut easily perceived; obvious; evident. [5 definitions]
clear-eyed having bright eyes or sharp sight. [2 definitions]
clearheaded possessing an alert, perceptive, wide-awake mind.
clearing an open plot of land, as in the middle of a forest.
clearinghouse a central place where materials or information are collected or maintained, esp. for distribution. [2 definitions]
clearly in a clear manner. [2 definitions]
clearness the quality or state of being clear, plain, or distinct.
clear off to get away; escape.
clear out to remove persons or things from. [2 definitions]
clearsighted having clear vision. [2 definitions]
clearstory variant of clerestory.
clear the decks to prepare for combat or some other activity by eliminating anything that might interfere.
clear up to become sunny or clear after being cloudy or foggy. [5 definitions]
cleat a metal or wooden object with two armlike projections, to which a rope or line may be secured, as in boating. [5 definitions]