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clearinghouse a central place where materials or information are collected or maintained, esp. for distribution. [2 definitions]
clearly in a clear manner. [2 definitions]
clearness the quality or state of being clear, plain, or distinct.
clear off to get away; escape.
clear out to remove persons or things from. [2 definitions]
clearsighted having clear vision. [2 definitions]
clearstory variant of clerestory.
clear the decks to prepare for combat or some other activity by eliminating anything that might interfere.
clear up to become sunny or clear after being cloudy or foggy. [5 definitions]
cleat a metal or wooden object with two armlike projections, to which a rope or line may be secured, as in boating. [5 definitions]
cleavage the act of cleaving or the state of being cleaved. [4 definitions]
cleave1 to adhere tightly; stick fast (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
cleave2 to cut apart by a splitting blow. [6 definitions]
cleaver a heavy, wide-bladed, axlike knife, esp. used by butchers.
cleavers (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a plant of the madder family that bears small white or yellow flowers and has prickly stems.
clef any of the four signs placed on a musical staff to indicate the pitch at which the notes are to be played.
cleft a past tense and part participle of cleave2. [3 definitions]
clematis any of various climbing plants bearing white, pink, red, or purplish flowers.
clemency the inclination to be merciful or forgiving; leniency. [3 definitions]
clement inclined to be merciful or forgiving; lenient. [2 definitions]
clench to clamp (teeth or hands) tightly shut. [5 definitions]