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clemency the inclination to be merciful or forgiving; leniency. [3 definitions]
clement inclined to be merciful or forgiving; lenient. [2 definitions]
clench to clamp (teeth or hands) tightly shut. [5 definitions]
Cleopatra a queen of Egypt (69-30 B.C.).
clepsydra an ancient device that measured the passage of time by means of a regulated flow of water through an opening; water clock.
cleptomania variant of kleptomania.
clerestory in architecture, an outside wall containing windows which admit light to partially roofed areas in the lower sections of a building, esp. a church.
clergy the group or body of people authorized to conduct religious services, such as ministers, priests, or rabbis. (Cf. laity.)
clergyman a male member of the clergy.
cleric a minister, priest, rabbi, or other ordained person; member of the clergy. [2 definitions]
clerical of or related to clerks and office work. [5 definitions]
clerical collar a stiff narrow white collar, fastened at the back of the neck, worn by certain members of the clergy.
clericalism the power or influence of religious leaders in government or politics. [2 definitions]
clerk one who performs general office work such as filing, copying or preparing documents, and finding information. [4 definitions]
clever mentally sharp and adept. [4 definitions]
clevis a U-shaped piece of metal attached to a rod or chain, with a hole for a pin or bolt, and used to attach one object to another in order to pull it.
clew ball of thread or yarn. [7 definitions]
clew up in nautical terminology, to haul (a sail) up by ropes running through the clews.
cliché an expression used so often that it has become worn out and trite. [3 definitions]
clichéd having many clichés. [2 definitions]
click a slight, sharp sound. [8 definitions]