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climbable combined form of climb.
climber a person or animal that climbs. [4 definitions]
climb in to step upward and get into (a vehicle).
clime in literary use, a region of the earth, or the typical weather conditions thereof.
clinch to make certain or final; secure; settle. [8 definitions]
clincher a decisive or final point, fact, or statement to persuade someone, as in arguing or selling. [3 definitions]
cling to stick or attach closely. [3 definitions]
clingstone having pulp that sticks closely to the stone, as in some peaches. (Cf. freestone.) [2 definitions]
clinic a medical facility, esp. for treatment of outpatients. [4 definitions]
clinical of or related to direct observation and treatment of patients, as opposed to theory or laboratory research. [3 definitions]
clinical thermometer a small glass thermometer used to measure body temperature.
clinician a doctor who studies or practices medicine by direct observation and treatment, as opposed to theory or laboratory research.
clink to make or cause to make a short, sharp, ringing sound. [2 definitions]
clinker1 a hard stonelike chunk left from the burning of coal. [2 definitions]
clinker2 (slang) any error, esp. a misplayed note in a musical performance. [2 definitions]
clinometer an instrument used to measure the angle of an incline.
Clio in Greek mythology, the Muse of history. [2 definitions]
cliometrics (used with a sing. verb) the application of advanced mathematical concepts and techniques to the study of history, as for analyzing cycles.
clip1 to cut off, cut out, or trim, as by scissors or trimmers. [11 definitions]
clip2 a device that holds, grasps, or fastens, as a paper clip or hair clip. [5 definitions]
clipboard a small board with a spring clip at the top for holding papers, used as a portable writing surface.