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clip-fed of certain repeating firearms, loaded automatically from a cartridge clip.
clip joint (slang) a business, esp. a place of entertainment, that charges excessive prices.
clipped of speech, rapidly articulated so as to omit certain sounds.
clipped form a shortened form of a word, such as "ad" for "advertisement."
clipper (often pl.) a tool for clipping. [3 definitions]
clipping a piece clipped off or from. [2 definitions]
clipsheet a sheet of paper containing news articles, features, or releases, printed on one side for easy clipping and reprinting.
clique a small, often aggressively exclusive group of friends or associates. [2 definitions]
clitoris a small, sensitive erectile organ of the female genitals, somewhat corresponding to the penis in the male.
cloaca a sewer or cesspool. [3 definitions]
cloak a long, loose outer garment that drapes around one's shoulders and has no sleeves. [3 definitions]
cloak-and-dagger involving espionage, esp. viewed as being overly dramatic.
cloakroom a room in a school, club, theater, or the like where coats, hats, and other outdoor clothing may be temporarily left.
clobber (informal) to strike hard; beat severely. [2 definitions]
cloche a woman's close-fitting, bell-shaped hat. [2 definitions]
clock1 a mechanical or electric device, other than a watch, for measuring or indicating time. [3 definitions]
clock2 a small emblem embroidered or woven on the side of a sock or stocking.
clocklike very regular, punctual, and dependable.
clockmaker a person who makes or repairs clocks.
clock radio a radio with a built-in clock that can be set to turn the radio on at a given time.
clockwise in or turning in the direction in which a clock's hands turn. (Cf. counterclockwise.)