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closet a cabinet or small room for storage, as of clothing or household goods. [3 definitions]
closet drama a play better read than performed.
closeted being in a state of privacy that allows secret discussion.
close-up in photography, films, or television, a picture taken at close range to show details, as of facial expression. (Cf. long shot.) [2 definitions]
clostridium any of a genus of spore-forming, anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium, that inhabits soil or the intestinal tract of humans.
closure the act of closing or state of being closed. [3 definitions]
clot a thickened lump or mass of liquid, such as blood. [4 definitions]
cloth material woven of spun threads of cotton, wool, nylon, or the like; fabric. [3 definitions]
clothe to put clothing on; dress. [3 definitions]
clothes articles of dress worn on the body, such as pants, shirts, dresses, or the like; garments; apparel; clothing.
clotheshorse a wooden or metal frame for drying or airing clothing. [2 definitions]
clothesline a rope, cord, or wire on which clothes, blankets, curtains, and the like are hung to dry or air.
clothes moth any of several small moths that lay eggs in wool, fur, or the like, upon which the larvae feed.
clothespin a clip or forked peg of wood or plastic, used to secure clothes on a line for drying.
clothespress a chest or wardrobe in which clothing is kept.
clothes tree an upright stand or pole fitted with an arrangement of hooks or pegs near the top on which clothing is hung.
clothier a maker or retailer of cloth or clothing, esp. a retailer of men's clothing.
clothing articles of dress collectively; clothes. [2 definitions]
cloture in U.S. parliamentary procedure, a method of ending debate and causing an immediate vote on the matter being discussed. [2 definitions]
cloud a visible body, usu. white or gray, of fine water droplets high in the earth's atmosphere. [8 definitions]
cloudberry a berry produced by this plant, resembling a yellowish or amber raspberry and used for food. [2 definitions]