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cloy to oversupply with something sweet or pleasant so that the experience of these things becomes sickening or wearisome. [2 definitions]
cloying sickening or wearisome by being excessively sweet or pleasant.
cloze of, pertaining to, or being a measure of reading comprehension or language acquisition in which a learner is asked to supply words that are missing from a text. Such words will have been systematically deleted and typically range across various parts of speech. [2 definitions]
club a heavy stick, esp. of wood, used as a weapon. [7 definitions]
clubable combined form of club.
club car a railroad passenger car equipped with lounge chairs, tables, and a buffet or bar.
clubfoot a congenital deformity or malformation of a foot. [2 definitions]
clubhouse a building or room owned by a club and used for meetings and other events.
clubman a man who is a member of a club at which he spends much time or in which he is quite active.
club sandwich a sandwich of three or more layers of bread, often toasted, that is filled with layers of meat, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, and the like.
club soda a carbonated, unflavored water; soda water.
club steak a beefsteak cut from the upper end of the short loin.
clubwoman a woman who is a member of one or more clubs at which, or in the activities of which, she spends much time.
cluck to make the sharp, throaty noise of a hen brooding or calling chicks. [4 definitions]
clue something that gives direction or help in solving a puzzle, problem, or mystery. [2 definitions]
clue in to provide with information or make aware.
clueless (informal) having absolutely no understanding, awareness, or knowledge of something. [2 definitions]
clump a dense grouping, as of trees. [6 definitions]
clumsy lacking physical grace or coordination; awkward; fumbling. [3 definitions]
clung past tense and past participle of cling.
clunk a dull heavy sound; thud; thump. [4 definitions]