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coal oil any fuel oil produced by distillation of bituminous coal.
coal tar a thick black liquid formed by the distillation of bituminous coal, used as a raw material in the creation of dyes, drugs, plastics, and paints.
coaming a raised border around an opening in a roof, floor, or deck, designed to keep out water.
coanchor combined form of anchor.
coarse of poor or faulty quality. [3 definitions]
coarse-grained having a rough or coarse texture. [2 definitions]
coarsen to become or cause to be coarse.
coast the land or area next to the ocean; seashore. [7 definitions]
coastal of, relating to, at, or near a coast.
coaster a person or thing that coasts. [4 definitions]
coaster brake a brake on freewheeling bicycles operated by reverse pressure on the pedals.
coast guard (cap.) a U.S. military service that enforces maritime, customs, and immigration laws, aids vessels in distress, discourages smugglers, and defends the nation's coasts. [2 definitions]
coasting vessel a ship that sails along a coast and participates in trade between neighboring ports.
coastland land along the shore or coast of a sea.
coastline the outline or shape of a coast.
coastward toward the coast. [2 definitions]
coastwise along or following a coast.
coat an outer article of clothing with long sleeves, usu. worn for added warmth. [5 definitions]
coated covered with a layer or coat.
coat hanger a piece of wire or other material shaped for hanging a piece of clothing and suspending it, as from a rod or hook.
coati a small tree-dwelling mammal, related to the raccoon, with a flexible snout and long ringed tail, found in Mexico and Central and South America.