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Coll. abbreviation of "College," a school or institution of higher learning, usu. providing education in general studies or liberal arts (used in a proper name).
collaborate to cooperate or work with someone else, esp. on an artistic or intellectual project. [2 definitions]
collaboration a cooperative effort by which people or organizations work together to accomplish a common project or mission. [2 definitions]
collaborationist one who willingly gives aid to an invading or occupying enemy force.
collaborative characterized by or resulting from collaboration.
collage a type of visual art work in which diverse and often seemingly incongruous materials, such as photographs, buttons, hair, and the like, are pasted upon a surface, often with added marks or writing.
collagen a fibrous protein in bone, cartilage, and other connective tissue.
collapsar a collapsed star that has become a black hole.
collapse to fall down; give way; cave in. [7 definitions]
collapsible able to collapse or be collapsed, esp. for ease in carrying, storing, or the like.
collar the portion of a garment that goes around the neck and is sometimes folded over. [7 definitions]
collarbone either of two bones joining the breastbone and the shoulder blades; clavicle.
collard a type of kale grown for its edible leaves. [2 definitions]
collarless combined form of collar.
collate to stack the pages in the correct order.
collateral extending in parallel or being to the side of. [5 definitions]
collation the act or process of collating. [2 definitions]
colleague someone who shares the same profession, work, or employer.
collect to gather together or assemble. [8 definitions]
collectable combined form of collect.
collected in control; self-possessed; calm. [2 definitions]