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collectable combined form of collect.
collected in control; self-possessed; calm. [2 definitions]
collectible likely to be collected, as by a connoisseur or hobbyist. [2 definitions]
collection the act of collecting. [3 definitions]
collective formed by collecting; combined to make a whole. [4 definitions]
collective bargaining the bargaining process that occurs between organized workers and their employer to reach an agreement on wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions.
collective unconscious in Jungian psychology, the memories and other psychic contents that are accumulated by the experience of all preceding generations and that dwell within the unconscious mind of each individual.
collectivism the doctrine or practice of centralized economic control, esp. of the means of production. [3 definitions]
collectivization the act or process of organizing or reorganizing an economy, business, or industry based on collective ownership and joint control of the means of production and distribution.
collectivize to organize or reorganize (an economy, business, or industry) based on collective ownership and control of the means of production and distribution.
collect on delivery a method of ordering or shipping goods in which payment is made, usu. in cash, when the goods are delivered; c.o.d. [2 definitions]
collector a person who collects money such as fees or taxes. [3 definitions]
collector's item an object that might have especial value or interest for a collector, usu. because it is rare or unusual.
colleen a girl or young woman of Irish nationality or descent.
college a school or institution of higher learning beyond the level of high school, usu. providing education in general studies or liberal arts. [3 definitions]
College of Cardinals the organized body of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church that elects the Pope and helps him govern the church.
college try (informal) an enthusiastic, energetic effort.
collegial with authority and responsibility shared equally among colleagues. [2 definitions]
collegian someone who attends or has recently graduated from college.
collegiate pertaining to a college or college students.
collegiate church a Catholic or Anglican church that has no bishop's see but is presided over by a vice provost or dean and served by a chapter of canons. [2 definitions]