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come off to become detached, removed, or cleaned away from a surface. [6 definitions]
come on used to urge or order someone to do something, especially to come forward, come along, or hurry up. [7 definitions]
come-on (informal) something offered or apparently offered to entice or induce; lure. [2 definitions]
come on to (informal) to make a romantic approach.
come out to be revealed or made known. [8 definitions]
come out in the wash to be revealed in the long run. [2 definitions]
come over to come from one place to another to see or do something with someone else (used only when people are in the same town, area, or space). [6 definitions]
comer anyone that comes. [2 definitions]
come round to regain consciousness; revive. [2 definitions]
comestible suitable for eating; edible. [2 definitions]
comet a heavenly body orbiting the sun and having a nucleus surrounded by a nebulous sheath that may form an elongated tail when the body comes close to the sun.
come through to become a reality after a certain amount of processing. [3 definitions]
come to to regain consciousness.
come to an end to reach the end point; terminate.
come to blows to start to fight, esp. physically.
come to grief to have a bad end; fail.
come to grips with to deal with directly; cope with. [2 definitions]
come to life to become lively or vigorous. [3 definitions]
come to naught to fail or be useless.
come to pass to take place; happen.
come to (something or someone) to reach a particular state or result. [3 definitions]