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comeuppance (informal) a reprimand or other unpleasant penalty for one's previous bad behavior.
come up with to search one's memory or use one's imagination to produce a word, name, idea, or the like. [2 definitions]
comfit a candy with a nut or fruit center.
comfort to give (someone) relief and strength in trouble or distress. [5 definitions]
comfortable having a feeling of well-being or bodily ease. [3 definitions]
comforter one who comforts. [2 definitions]
comforting serving or intending to relieve grief, worry, or other distress. [2 definitions]
comfortless combined form of comfort.
comfort station a public toilet or lavatory.
comfy (informal) comfortable.
comic of, relating to, or characterized by comedy; comical or comedic. [6 definitions]
comical causing amusement; funny. [2 definitions]
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons telling a story or stories.
comic opera an opera or operetta, usu. humorous, with some spoken dialogue, and a happy ending.
comic strip a series of cartoons, esp. in a newspaper, that narrates a funny or adventurous story.
Cominform a European Communist organization that espoused the policies of the Soviet Union (acronym for "Communist Information Bureau").
coming arrival or approach. [2 definitions]
coming-of-age arrival at maturity, prominence, or respectability.
Comintern see "Third International."
comity mutual courtesy and respectful treatment among people or nations.
comity of nations the courteous recognition of different nations for each other's laws and institutions. [2 definitions]