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comparative literature the comparative study of various national literatures to identify common characteristics, mutual influences, common sources, or the like.
compare to note the likenesses and differences of. [5 definitions]
compare notes to exchange opinions, impressions, or observations.
comparison the process or result of comparing or of being compared. [2 definitions]
compartment a part sectioned off from a larger whole. [3 definitions]
compartmentalize to divide or separate into compartments or categories.
compass an instrument for determining direction, esp. one with a horizontal magnetic needle that rotates freely until it points to the magnetic north. [9 definitions]
compassable combined form of compass.
compass card a round card showing the points of the compass and degrees of a circle that is fitted within a compass case.
compassion a feeling of sharing another's suffering, prompting a desire to relieve that suffering; commiseration; clemency.
compassionate filled with compassion; consoling; sympathetic.
compassionless combined form of compassion.
compatible able to exist or function harmoniously with another. [2 definitions]
compatriot a fellow citizen. [2 definitions]
compeer one recognized as an equal; peer. [2 definitions]
compel to force or drive to some action or attitude; pressure. [3 definitions]
compelling exerting a strong hold on the attention. [2 definitions]
compendious briefly summarizing or abstracting all the essentials; concise but complete.
compendium an abridgement, summary, or abstract. [2 definitions]
compensable entitled or subject to compensation.
compensate to provide with or serve as an equivalent; make up for (often fol. by "for"). [4 definitions]